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At The Foot Comfort Store, our experience, ongoing certifications, industry education, dedication to performing each task in-house, and never outsourcing, sets us apart from our competition. Whether you need custom fitting, orthotics, arch support or shoe modifications, we can help. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.



A Board Certified Pedorthist will always be available to help you find the right shoes.

We will customize your insoles to fill in your arch and alleviate pressure points.

We will help you select a pre-made orthotic for your foot type and foot condition.  It will be modified if necessary.

An orthotic will be made for your foot from an impression or a cast.  

Casts will be taken of your feet and shoes will be made specifically for you

We fabricate shoe elevations, rocker soles, flares, and any other modification necessary for the sole of your shoe