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Functional Footwear (AKA Orthopedic Shoes)

Functional footwear is for those who need the most support and/or depth out of their shoes.  This type of shoe can be most beneficial for those who over pronate, have flat feet, have poor balance, have foot deformities, or wear prescription orthotics.  Below is a list of the features and benefits of most orthopedic shoes.


Reinforced heel counter--The support piece surrounding your heel should have limited flexibility.  This will ensure proper heel alignment while walking and standing and reduce fatigue in the feet, legs, and low back.

Deep Toe Box--The toe area of the shoes will have extra space to reduce crowding of the toes.  This is especially importand to reduce the pain of hammer toes, and bunioins.

Stiff Shank--The arch area of the shoe should not flex. This will provide maximum arch support for the arch, and ensure that the foot flexes only where it was designed to flex. 

Lace or Velcro Closure--Lace is preferred, but velcro will also allow for proper forefoot fit while keeping the heel in place.