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At The Foot Comfort Store we take several steps to insure proper fit of your footwear. We begin with a discussion of how the shoes will be used, your preferences, and any foot conditions that you may have. We will perform a foot assessment, gait analysis, and a worn shoe evaluation. We then carefully measure both feet for heel to toe length, arch length, and width. 

We look at your foot shape and consider foot condidtons. It is important for us to not only find the right size of shoe for you, but also the right last (shape). You will notice that not all shoes "in your size" fit your foot. This is because shoes are made in different factories, in many countries, and for many purposes. There are many well made shoes, but not all are right for you. 

After we put the shoes on your feet, we will check your fit. We make sure that there is enough toe room, and enough width. We make sure the ball of your foot is in the widest part or the shoe to ensure comfort, support, and proper flexion of the shoe with the foot. We will watch you walk to make sure your gait is optimal. Your complete statisfaction is our number one priority!